Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Loft & Cavity Insulation

About 60% of all heat loss from UK homes is down to poor, old or inefficient insulation methods. Recent government initiatives aimed at drastically reducing the UK's carbon emissions enable all UK households to benefit from grants designed to improve the energy efficiency of all homes, and ultimately reduce householders' increasing fuel bills.

Loft Insulation

About 25-35% of heat from UK homes is lost through the roof. Insulation should be applied to the loft area to a depth of 270mm, both between the joists and above.
Typical Savings £145 pa & CO2 saving 750kg (Figures based on average household - Energy Saving Trust)

Cavity wall insulation

Most homes built after 1920 have twin exterior walls with a narrow cavity between them. This can be filled with an insulating material by injecting insulating material into the wall. This restricts any warmth passing between them, reducing the money you spend on heating. About 25-35% of heat from UK homes is lost through the roof.
Typical Savings £110 pa & CO2 saving 560kg (Figures based on average household - Energy Saving Trust)

Typical Savings for installing both Loft & Cavity Insulation are £255 pa & CO2 saving 1290kg (Figures based on average household - Energy Saving Trust)

Payback periods (the time it takes to pay for the measure based on energy savings)of 3-4 years for loft and 5-6 years for cavity are extremely advantageous esapecially when compared to the installation of say Double Glazing which is in excess of 20 years.

Dickens Surveyors can assist you in taking advantage of either Government or Utility company offers.You can either email or call us on 01384 468568 to arrange a FREE Loft/Cavity Insulation Survey.( Nationwide availability)

Grants and free measures are time barred so it is important to make arrangements for a survey at your earliest convenience.

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