Tuesday, 7 February 2012

"Surveyor "- The Legal Professions "eyes and ears"

Some years ago solicitors/legal advisors would visit a property,particularly if the documents indicated that there may be issues that require special consideration. In the modern era such property visits are rarely carried out and as a result a Surveyor must act, in effect, on  behalf of the legal advisor as their "eyes and ears".

Section C of The Home Condition Survey allows comment on Issues that need to be investigated by a legal advisor or conveyancer. Such issues covered include (but are not limited to) Drainage,Planning, Flying Freehold, Rights of Way, Easements and Let Properties. Furthermore there are specific comments on Contamination & Flooding. Given that 10% of all properties in the UK are in identified flood areas and that building insurance premiums continue to rise substantially comment on Flooding is essential.

Whilst Health & Safety is a phrase that will often result in a moan and groan from people it essential that any credible report contains specific comment covering this subject. Section C of The Home Condition Survey allows comment on Health & Safety Issues. It is fair to say that both legal advisors and prospective purchasers are often surprised at issues captured within this section. From escape windows to Radon Gas, from comment on Safety Glass to Smoke Detectors. Again this list is not definitive.

In conclusion a Professional Surveyor can be of benefit to a solicitor/Legal Advisor/Conveyancer. A surveyor acting in a professional manner will highlight legal issues within their report. The knowledge that such key issues are covered in a Surveyors report will give a home buyer peace of mind and enhance their experience with the legal company of their choice.

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